Diamantopoulos Nemean Wines

Nemea Greece

Νemea or else “Little Burgundy” is the largest viticultutal zone in Greece,which has been designated since 1971 the zone for the zone for the production of wine with a protected Designation of Origin. The most famous variety produced is the famous Agiorgitiko. In a total area of about 27000 acres and altituder from 250m to 750m,the PDO Nemea.
Its biggest pait is in the south-central part of Corinth mainly in the municipality of Nemea (Nemea, Aidonia, Ancient Nemea, Ancient Kleones, Galatas, Daphne, Kastraki, Leontio, Petri) and in the previous municipalities of Sikyoni and Stymfalia. Over the whole area approximately 2250 acres are in the northwestern part Argolida in the forner municipalities of Koutsopodi (Malandieni) and Lyvkeia (Ginino).


Agioritiko is a variety with a long history! To start, Nemea is identified with Fliasia, that place ruled by Flias son of Dionysos where according to tratition, the royal wine drunk by Agamemnon in Mycenae was produced. Also according to the legend, Agioritiko was the blood of Hercules when he killed the lion of Nemea, copleting this way his first feat.
The name of the variety comes from a village, in 1838 the municipalities of Fliountos and Nemea were created, which in 1840 were merged into the Municipality of Nemea with Saint George (today’s Nemea). It also has other names Suchas blood of Hercules, black of Nemea and Nemeatiko.